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Introducing EcoSurf Absorbent, the ultimate eco-friendly solution for managing oil contamination in rivers, lakes, and oceans. Designed to float effortlessly on the water's surface, EcoSurf targets and captures oil through the process of coagulation, ensuring a clean and safe environment.


Key Features:

  • Superior Absorption: EcoSurf Absorbent excels at soaking up oil from the water’s top layer, effectively preventing further contamination. It absorbs oil at a rate of 125% of its body weight on the surface of water.

  • Easy Removal: The absorbent material forms large, manageable clumps that can be easily collected and removed from the water, simplifying cleanup efforts.

  • Eco-Friendly Processing: After removal, the clumps can be dried and subjected to bioremediation processes to break down hydrocarbons. This ensures that harmful substances do not leach into the water table, providing long-term environmental protection.

  • Safe and Clean: Using EcoSurf Absorbent helps maintain a safe and clean site, free from oil contamination, safeguarding aquatic life and preserving natural water bodies. It is made from all-natural and organic materials. Any uncaptured absorbent poses no harmful threat to wildlife, although sedimentation of captured oil could negatively affect benthic life. 

EcoSurf Absorbent is ideal for emergency response teams, environmental protection agencies, and industries operating near water bodies. Trust EcoSurf Absorbent to deliver effective, sustainable, and reliable oil spill management, ensuring the health and safety of our precious water resources.


Available in: Bulk truck loads, supersacks, or 30lb bags.


Apply EcoSurf sufficiently over contaminated water. Ideally, this is within containment booms that have secured the perimeter. The absorbent will form large clusters of oil and absorbent and hold it within its structure. After coagulation, the material can be removed by skimming, filtration, flotation, or sedimentation. The buoyant nature of the coagulated material makes it easier to remove using scooping or other mechanical methods. Dispose of waste. Bioremediation is an option given EcoSurf contains inherent microbes that will eat the hydrocarbon.

Ensure you are following all local and state regulations when it comes to bioremediation and the disposal of waste.

ECOSurf Coagulator

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