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Safety Wear



Traditional absorbents use clay and bentonite which are dangerous to inhale. When silica infiltrates the crevices in your lungs, the body can’t remove it. Spill Wrangler is an ALL-NATURAL, NON-TOXIC, cellulose product. This makes it incredibly safe to handle and use. 

It is also safe in a shop setting. The safety video to the right demonstrates this. It showcases the fire suppression capabilities of Spill Wrangler, its resistance as a fire barrier, and the absorbent's resistance to grinder sparks. 

Disclaimer: The test results presented here are for illustrative purposes only and should not be solely relied upon. Individual testing and assessment of this product's suitability for specific fire prevention needs are recommended before use.

Ensure that Spill Wrangler is tested as a Fire Safety tool beforehand in scenarios that are likely encountered in your work environment to find out it if it works for your application


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